Reunions / Events





Classes of Fall 1962

& Spring 1963

60-Year Reunion

Thursday, August 24

Park Chalet, SF

11am to 3pm

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Class of Spring 1966

57-Year Reunion

Sunday, October 1

Lake Merced Boat House,

San Francisco

1pm to 4pm

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Classes of Fall 1972

& Spring 1973

50-Year Reunion

Saturday, October 21

Lake Merced Golf Club,

Daly City

6pm to 10:30pm

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Class of 1983

40-Year Reunion

Saturday, September 30

Bayview Dining Room,

College of San Mateo

5pm to 9pm

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Class of 1988

35-Year Reunion

Saturday, November 4

Spark Social SF

(Mission Bay)

11:30am to 3pm

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Class of 1993

30-Year Reunion

Saturday, December 30


Campus Tour & Family Picnic @ Lowell HS

10:30am to 1pm


Class Reunion

Executive Order Bar & Lounge, SF

5pm to 8pm

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Class of 2001

20-Plus-Year Reunion

Saturday, November 25

Alchemist Bar & Lounge, San Francisco

7pm to Midnight

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Class of 2003

20-Year Reunion

Saturday, September 23

Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco

7pm to 11pm

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Classes of Fall 1973

& Spring 1974

50-Year Reunion

Saturday, September 7

Presidio Officers Club, San Francisco

6pm to 11pm

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Classes of 2002,

2003 & 2004

Joint Campus Tour

and Open House

Friday, September 22

Lowell High School

3:30pm to 6pm


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