June 11, 2020

This week, the Lowell Alumni Association received numerous emails alleging serious misconduct of a sexual nature by at least two Lowell students in the early 2010s. The emails expressed the deep pain presently felt by members of our alumni community caused by these and other incidents over the years. In response, the Lowell Alumni Association Board of Directors convened with Principal Dacotah Swett to express our great concern over such conduct as totally contrary to what we expect of the Lowell community and the caring and mutual respect we must uphold. To be clear, Lowell High School must have a culture where such conduct is not acceptable. We as alumni condemn it. Our principal was candid and forthright in the centrality of a respectful culture at Lowell and has communicated with a directly concerned alumna to investigate what occurred. In Principal Swett's words, "We want to repair harm." The Lowell Alumni Association agrees.

Principal Swett briefed us on the current mandatory reporting responsibilities of Lowell faculty and administrators and the annual training they receive. Lowell also provides guidance to students on what is appropriate behavior between social partners and with fellow students; how they can report or complain about misconduct; the support they can expect during that process; and consequences for violations. On a larger level, in recent years Lowell has expanded its Wellness Center and offers counseling and other programs to assist students. Thanks to your generous donations, the Lowell Alumni Association has regularly supported Wellness Center initiatives and other programs to improve the wellbeing of our current students. We are committed to do more in these difficult emotional, societal and budgetary times.

Going forward, the Lowell Alumni Association will continue to monitor how Lowell addresses these complaints, responds to current student concerns and proactively sets a healthier atmosphere and more positive learning environment. In anticipation of COVID-related budget cuts, we are already preparing to support Lowell in significant ways in the coming academic year. We will elevate programs -- ongoing or new -- directly focused on student mental health and wellbeing as a funding priority. 

While we cannot change the past, we can be, and are, part of improving the happiness and quality of life and learning of current Lowell students. As we do so, we invite your input ( and support of the Lowell community. The Lowell Alumni Association seeks to ensure that Lowell is a place where all students feel respected and cared for by the entire community. The price of a Lowell education should never involve one's dignity or safety. We appreciate the alumni who have come forward to speak out and will continue to address these important issues.


The Lowell Alumni Association's 2019-20 Annual Fund Campaign
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