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Sesquicentennial Celebration

Planning for the Sesquicentennial

Sesquicentennial Events in 2006

Sesquicentennial Gala and Cocktail Party
February 25, 2006 @ SF City Hall

City Hall Gala Pictures Set 1

City Hall Gala Pictures Set 2

City Hall Gala Pictures Set 3

City Hall Gala Pictures Set 4

Sesquicentennial Banquet
June 3, 2006 @ SF Moscone Center

Sesquicentennial Banquet Announced

Banquet to Honor Lowell Teachers

Banquet Pictures Set 1

Banquet Pictures Set 2

Banquet Pictures Set 3

Sesquicentennial Day on Campus
October 7, 2006 @ Lowell High School

Campus Day

Sesquicentennial History Book

Become a part of Lowell History

A complete narrative history of Lowell

Order your copy today (download PDF)

About the Lowell Alumni Association
The Lowell Alumni Association strives to reconnect our graduates through alumni events and to support the further development of our alma mater for a new generation of students.
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Lowell Gala Sesquicentennial Banquet : A Tribute to Teachers
Celebrating the many contributions teachers have made to Lowell's 150 Years of excellence

The Lowell Alumni Association and its Honorary Sesquicentennial Committee cordially invite you
to the Lowell Gala Sesquicentennial Banquet: A Tribute to Teachers.

Date: Saturday, June 3, 2006

Location: Moscone Center West 800 Howard Street (at Fourth Street) in San Francisco

6:00 PM No-host cocktails
featuring designated areas for Lowell alumni by decade of graduation and a special Tribute Wall of written memories of great Lowell teachers

7:30 PM Dinner and Program
including a video tribute to Lowell teachers of the past and present, performances by Lowell students, special surprises and plenty of Lowell spirit Post-dinner music and fun until midnight

Don't miss this largest-ever gathering of Lowell alumni, teachers and friends!

Click here to download the registration form!

Current and Former Lowell Faculty/Staff Planning to Attend (as of May 22nd, 2006)

Hugh Aanonsen
Jack Abad
Paul & Pam Abad
Michael Ambrose
Jack Anderson
Jacqueline Andersen
Svein Arber
Milton Axt, Jr.
Kirsten Bahrs-Janssen
Linda Balfe
Jutta Baruth
Barclay Bates
Wendy Beck
Larry Bettencourt
Sandra Bird
John Bissett
Teresa Bookwalter
Cheryl Bragstad
Judy Branzburg
Cathryn Brash
Robert Braunreiter
Doug Bullard
Gus Buono
James Carmack
Susan Carrier
Scott Carson
Joan Catelli
Thomas Chambers
Xiaolin Chang
Paul Cheng
Susan Ching
May Choi
Liz Chun
Maureen Collins
Tony Costa
Elizabeth Crockett
Ed Crossley
Rosemary Dacanay
Gloria Daffner
Peter Dahl
Thais daRosa
Jacqueline Delfino
Michael Descilo
Aldo Disgrazzi
Terence Doherty
J. Thomas Donohue
John Donohue
Thomas Drain
Michal Dramen
Norman Durieux
Joseph Ehrman
Cecilia Elfenbein
Claudia Eshoo
Mary Farquhar
Ernst Feibusch
Robert Fisher
Gwendolyn Fuller
Jeanne Gallo
James Gazaway
Holly Giles
Rick Girling
Phil Glander
Charlotte Glashagel
Barbara Goldberg
Marian Gonzalez
Steve Granucci
Timothy Gray
Jeremy Gribler
Linda Grondahl
Linda Guitron
Milo Gwosden
Walter Halbasch
David Hathwell
Nancy Hayes
Tsuneko Hellerstein
Charles Hibbard
Ray Hill
Steve Hirabayashi
Karl Hoffman
Katherine Howes
George Hsu
Cathy Innis
Norma Irving
Jerilyn Jank
Sandra Jhung
Theodore Johnson
Bob Jow
Karen Joyce
Robert Kaiser
Jean Kalil
Jerilyn Keyak
Edgar Lehmann
David Leong
Florence Lewis
Gayle Leyton
Yu Li
Fred Linder
David Lipman
David Low
Paul Lucey
John Lum
Philip Lum
Patricia MacDonald
David Madfes
John Mahoney
Suzette Magsanay
Anthony Mana
Victoria Maquinana
Bryan Marten
Robert McMains
Katherine Melvin
Steve Merlo
Molly Michaelis
Cynthia Mitchell
Jennifer Moffitt
George Moore
Douglas Morales
Patricia Morehen
Bruno Morelli
Camille Morishige
Joseph Mucelli
Gary Nakagiri
Christopher Newhouse
Anna Nicora
Deanna Nielsen
Benito Nogara
Naomi Okada
Dorothy Ong
Gale Ow
Nahleen Pang
Rebecca Pearlman
Maud Pearson-Green
Wandaline Perelli
James Pinfold
Lynn Pinocci
Janice Pivnick
Julian Pollak
Barbara Prato
Michael Prutz
Annie Puretz
Harper Puziss
Denis Rauchman
Robert Ray
Ellen Reller
Lawrence Robinson
Maria Rode
David Roditti
Elizabeth Rogers
Julie Rogers
Barbara Rothenberg
Irving Rothstein
John Ryland
Meinhard Schulz
Alex Schwarz
John Shankel
Richard Shapiro
Joan-Marie Shelley
Alison Shepard
Sandra Shure
Uri Skowronski
Richard Soward
James Spellicy
Amanda Stupi
Katharine Swan
Dacotah Swett
Kiyoko Takemoto
Vladimir Talian
Joe Tanzi
Kay Tegland
Patricia Tommaney
Ken Tray
Dennis Treadway
Sara Trelaun
Janet Tse
Peter VanCourt
Maria Valle
Darcy Villere
Darlene Vuicich
Laurence Warshaw
Zoe Wan
Mark Wenning
Linda Williams
Eugenia Winslow
Michele Winter
Ronald Wong
Jeffrey Yang
Aline Younge
David Yuan
Elizabeth Zamboldi
Marc Zavala

* All current and former Lowell teachers have been invited to attend as paid guests of the Lowell Alumni Association.


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